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Episode 1 · 11 months ago

S2E1: Krill

We're back! Hit the play button and listen to us take on love, self-driving cars, the latest Star Wars trilogy, environmental evangelism, and the legacies we leave behind with the superlative Gracie Bouker!

Episode 10 · 2 years ago

S1E10: Minimal

No intro this week. We're going straight into it.

Tune in as we discuss anti-Semitism, the future of transportation, Julian Assange's latest legal battle, WWE, and minimalism with this week's guest, the sensational Marco Roccato!

Episode 9 · 2 years ago

S1E9: Reboot

Tune in to hear this week's guest, the dazzling Kate Thurston-Griswold, join us to get introspective and take on personality changes, the American prison system, big pharma, movie reboots, vocalist preferences, and sugar daddies!

Episode 8 · 2 years ago

S1E8: Laugh

Join us this week as we—and this week's stellar guest, Wooster's own Nicky Benya—take on the correct pronunciation of "GIF," why advertising exists, David's NBA predictions, net neutrality, women in comedy, and poetry!