S1E7: Clique


We're back! Did you miss us? Hit that play button and listen to us take on Disney racism, HQties, Kanye (again), and twenty one pilots! This week's episode features Wooster field hockey icon and all around maverick Grace O'Leary!

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Episode 5 · 7 months ago

S2E5: Lights

Hit play and listen to us ponder car rental services, a financially struggling Manchester United, teaching strategies, managing mental health through exercise, and how to throw a modern children's birthday party with returning guest Henry Potts-Rubin!

Episode 4 · 8 months ago

S2E4: Cruise

Would you date Jeff Gebhart? Join us--and our guest Eric Wasserzug--as we explore chrome extensions, Chinese tariffs, the perils of cruise ships, and the age-old 'heads versus tails' debate.

Episode 3 · 8 months ago

S2E3: Doubt

Does anyone really know how to use LinkedIn? Is Elon Musk a hero or a villain? How can we make amusement park rides even better? Tune in as we answer these questions and more with special guest Sidney Senita!

Episode 2 · 8 months ago

S2E2: Race

Pop quiz: what do micro-transactions, social media, ethical consumerism, and wealth have in common? Tune in to find out! Bonus points to anyone who can pick out the background noise bleeding through into our not-so-soundproofed recording studio.